Our employees are our greatest asset and their FAMILY’S greatest asset! That ideology is the driving force behind the safety culture we have developed here at Four C’s. Our commitment to each team member’s safety begins at the very top and permeates down through the ranks to the newest team member. Our attitude and expectations regarding safety are made very clear in each pre-hire interview, then reinforced in our safety orientation that everyone goes through their first day on the job.  Field installers spend their first week in safety orientation.

We cover the hazards they will be exposed to and teach them how to identify new ones and how to handle those in accordance with our Injury and Illness Prevention Program. This behavior based approach to safety has enabled us to work over 250,000 man hours without a recordable injury! Our minute to minute decisions on the jobsite are what enables our teammates to go home to their families every night and to continue to be the tip of our industry’s spear.


Why should this matter to you?

By having the attitude that we do regarding safety, we are not only concerned for own safety, but for those around us. Whether its other trades, owners, your employees or the general public, EVERYONE goes home to their families at the end of the day. If you have your own safety requirements above and beyond what we do or what OSHA requires, we will gladly comply with your regulations. Also, if your insurance carrier screens your subcontractors/vendors based on EMR ratings, we have earned the lowest possible rating for our industry.

Our Standards