FOUR C'S CONSTRUCTION VALUES - Integrity/Honesty I Mutual Trust I Mutual Respect I Growth

We hosted our first Construction Day event on January 19th 2017 with approximately 55 students in attendance. It was an overall success for everyone involved and was a fun experience for the students. Our day started with an introductory presentation addressing the importance of safety in construction. The students were then divided into groups. One participated in installing metal panels and trim on small practice sheds. Another group learned about metal fabrication and built their own metal tool boxes. The last group worked up close and personal with our drafting department, where they were taught about the CAD software and real life applications. We hope to be able to have more events like this in collaboration with Fresno County Office of Education and other organizations in our community. These events are important because they bring awareness to career technical education, in particular to the construction industry.

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Construction Day on TV – YouTube
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